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It's Time to Face a Harsh Reality: The GOP No Longer Behaves Like a Traditional American Political Party. It Has Become an Extremist Party. Moderates and Sensible Conservatives Need to Firmly Reject and Condemn This Deeply Disturbing and Dangerous Trend.

By Ed Kilgore, James Vega and J. P. Green

Although it is only a few days since the 2012 election ended, the national media is already settling into a familiar political narrative regarding the GOP, a narrative that goes as follows: the Republican Party, having suffered major setbacks at the polls, is now "reassessing" its approach and seeking ways to "moderate" its image and positions.

This is a profoundly comfortable and comforting narrative--one that reflects a kind of ceremonial ritual in American politics. A political party, chastened by defeat, is widely praised by mainstream commentators as it moves back toward the center, re-establishing the basic "balance" and "moderation" of American political life.

But in this case there is one overwhelming problem with this narrative: it is profoundly and dangerously wrong.

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