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Political Strategy Notes (Feb 28)

New D-Corps Survey: Public Looking for Investment and Balanced Approach in Face of Sequester (Feb 27)

S.C. Shows Why the Voting Rights Act is Still Needed (Feb 27)

'Fever Swamp Centrists' Diddle While GOP Blocks Recovery (Feb 27)

Kilgore: CPAC No Forum for 'Problem-Solving, Pragmatic Conservatives' (Feb 26)

Why the GOP Says They Are Ready to Throw Down (Feb 26)

Reich: Two Big Lies Enable GOP Obstructionism (Feb 25)

Political Strategy Notes (Feb 25)

Surrealist politics (Feb 23)

For political dominance the Obama coalition must win congressional elections and be widened to include more white working class voters. The Obama team knows this but the strategy they have developed isn't fully adequate to achieve it (Feb 22)

Creamer: GOP's 'Economic Terrorism' Threatens Recovery (Feb 22)

Kilgore: 'Hurricane Rick' an Unmitigated Disaster for FL (Feb 21)

Political Strategy Notes (Feb 21)

Concerns About Obamacare Way Overhyped (Feb 21)

The Nation Hosts Forum on 'How Can Labor Be Saved?' (Feb 20)

On the Purpling of Texas (Feb 20)

Does Obama Have Edge in Sequestration Negotiations? (Feb 19)

DSSC Director Gives Dems Edge in Strategy (Feb 19)

Dems: here's an interesting case study in how a GOP pollster and two major MSM commentators work together to perpetrate a bogus "both sides are equally to blame" anti-Democratic narrative (Feb 18)

Political Strategy Notes (Feb 18)

Lakoff: Obama's SOTU Framed Moral Vision, Shamed GOP (Feb 15)

How Obama Nailed The State Of The Union (Feb 14)

Lux: Public Ready for Bold Economic Narrative (Feb 14)

GOP's Free Ride on Obstruction of Hagel Nomination Shames Press (Feb 14)

The news that McCain is backing Lindsey Graham's sabotage of Hegel's nomination to demand more investigation of "Benghazi" shouldn't come as any surprise. Back in November TDS predicted the GOP would pull out all the stops to keep this non-story alive. (Feb 13)

Strategic Insights from Obama's SOTU Address (Feb 13)

Four Takes on Gerrymandering (Feb 12)

President Can Gain Momentum with Bold Jobs Investment (Feb 12)

Political Strategy Notes (Feb 11)

Lux: Break Up Wall. St. Financial Conglomerates (Feb 11)

Shrum: Bully Pulpit Needed to Prevent GOP Takeover of Congress (Feb 8)

Berman: GOP Set on Destroying the Voting Rights Act (Feb 8)

The GOP split isn't between Tea Party extremists and "Establishment" moderates. It's between extremists who want to restore the Bush strategy of running parallel covert and overt agendas vs. extremists who want to openly assert a right-wing agenda (Feb 7)

Dionne: GOP's 'Anti-democractic Power Play' Merits More Outcry (Feb 7)

Political Strategy Notes (Feb 7)

How the GOP Can Win in 2016 (Feb 6)

White Southerners' Rigid Conservatism Finally Fading? (Feb 6)

GOP's Gerrymandered Hold on Power Defies Electorate (Feb 6)

Kilgore: Latest GOP Makeover "Small, Greasy, Not Very Nourishing' (Feb 5)

Chait: GOP Assault on Majority Rule Has Long History (Feb 5)

Political Strategy Notes (Feb 4)

Meyerson: Worker and Consumer Rights Held Hostage by GOP (Feb 1)

Creamer: Dems Must Shun GOP's Toxic Austerity Proposals (Feb 1)