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Political Strategy Notes (Jan 31)

Obama Campaign Spin-off Set to Lead 'Standing Grassroots Army' (Jan 30)

Nichols: How to Fight the Rigging of the Electoral College (Jan 30)

Abramowitz: GOP's 'cynical attempt to rig the electoral system' harms U.S. democracy (Jan 29)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 28)

The GOP now says it wants to "welcome" Latinos but tells them that the 2012 Republican platform is just fine exactly the way it is (Jan 27)

Why Obama's 2nd Inaugural Address Was More Centrist Than Liberal (Jan 25)

Has deficit reduction really grown massively as a "top priority" for Americans during the last four years? (Jan 24)

Galston: The Civil War in the Business Community (Jan 24)

GOP's 'Virginia Coup' Escalates War on Democracy (Jan 24)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 24)

Fate of Filibuster Reform to be Decided (Jan 23)

TDS Managing Editor Ed Kilgore: Either 47% of Americans are on Welfare or Paul Ryan is hoping 100% of Americans won't remember what he actually said (Jan 23)

Silver: Data Shows Public Supports Agenda in Obama's Speech (Jan 23)

Lux: A Great Progressive Speech...And Now We Make Them Do It (Jan 22)

Political Strategy Notes - MLK Day/Inauguration Editon (Jan 21)

Kromm: 'Map Mischief' Screws Dems in South (Jan 19)

Billion Dollar Democracy Invites Abuse, Needs Reforms (Jan 18)

New Study Shows Roots of Republican Obstructionism (Jan 18)

Messaging and policies at the edge of the fiscal cliff (Jan 17)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 17)

Lux: Tough Choices Ahead for Dems on 'Grand Bargain' (Jan 16)

New WaPo/ABC News Poll: Obama Soars, GOP Sinks (Jan 16)

Gimme a break (Jan 15)

Creamer: NRA Morphing into the 'Great Oz' (Jan 15)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 14)

Are You Unemployed? Tired of Your Job? Thinking About a New Career? Guess What. You Can Become a Nationally Famous Republican Messaging Guru Just Like Frank Luntz. Take This Free Aptitude Test Today and See If You Qualify. (Jan 12)

Filibusters for Sale (Jan 11)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 10)

Lessons of 2012: The Struggle Downballot (Jan 9)

Channeling the classic "reluctant gunfighter" meme - How Obama was able to get tough with the GOP during the 2012 campaign and yet still be seen as "the good guy" in public opinion polls. (Jan 9)

Lux: How to Avoid the Next Self-Made Crisis (Jan 9)

Lessons of 2012, Part II: Obama's Grand Strategy Worked, Romney's Didn't (Jan 8)

GOP's 'Constitutional Hardball' Undermines Democracy (Jan 8)

The "platinum coin" alternative may be a "gimmick," but it can play a very useful role in restoring balance to a negotiation that is deeply unbalanced by the equally outrageous gimmicks proposed by GOP extremism. (Jan 7)

Lessons of 2012, Part I: For All the Turbulence and Hype, No "Game Changes" (Jan 7)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 7)

Questioning Some Shaky Memes (Jan 4)

Judis: Why Obama Won Big and How Dems Can Win the Battle Ahead (Jan 3)

Creamer: Raising Top Tax Rates a Big Win for Dems (Jan 2)

Fiscal Cliff Vote: What the House Tally Says (Jan 2)