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The political centrism of the 1990's played a major role in the evolution of today's broad Democratic coalition. The superficial, "Dems are part of the problem" centrism that Third Way has been presenting lately offers a radically different perspective (Dec 24)

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New Poll Indicates Obama and Dems Riding Favorable Tailwind in Struggles with the GOP (Dec 20)

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Michigan's 'Meat Puppet' Gov. Symbolizes GOP's Moral Corruption, Dems' Challenge (Dec 14)

Races To the Bottom (Dec 13)

Political Strategy Notes (Dec 13)

Chait: Why Politics Drives GOP's Campaign to Crush Unions (Dec 13)

Dems: Let's not let deficit hawks get away with calling sensible negotiating positions "unreasonable". Dems will be reasonable when dealing with reasonable opponents. Faced with debaters' tricks and hostage-takers, they must apply different rules. (Dec 12)

Meyerson: GOP War Against Unions Driven by Politics, Greed (Dec 12)

How Democracy Corps Got It Right (Dec 11)

TDS Co-Founding Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Wants Increased Spending in Key Areas (Dec 11)

Lux: Obama Must Use Leverage to Define His Presidency (Dec 11)

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DeMint Gone for the Green (Dec 7)

Responding to the Sneak Attack Vs. Michigan Labor (Dec 7)

Cosmetic Makeovers and Bloodless Purges (Dec 6)

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Et Tu Jennifer? (Dec 5)

3-D Infographic Map Shows Location, Tint of 2012 Votes (Dec 5)

Teixeira and Halpin: The Obama Coalition in the 2012 Election and Beyond (Dec 5)

TDS Founding Editor Ruy Teixeira: Two Priorities Top Public's Concerns About Fiscal Showdown (Dec 5)

Teixeira: 3 Lessons from the 2012 Election About the Progressive Coalition (Dec 4)

A Cultural Sea Change: Analysis of National Post-Election Survey and State Exit Surveys on Marriage Equality (Dec 4)

Creamer: Five Reasons Why Obama Should Win Lame Duck Budget Battle (Dec 4)

Mitch McConnell Finally Shows His Hand (Dec 3)

In 2011, Senate Minority Leader "Mitch" McConnell Gave Democrats Some Very Good Advice About How to Negotiate With The GOP - Dems Should Take McConnell's Advice Seriously and Look At What A Specialist In This Particular Kind of Negotiation Recommends. (Dec 3)

Political Strategy Notes (Dec 3)