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Oh, so that's what really happened on election day. (Nov 30)

States with Election Day Registration Led Turnout in '12 (Nov 30)

Dems' Edge in GOTV Technology Vexes GOP (Nov 30)

The Very Strange Regression of the Fiscal Talks (Nov 29)

Dems take note: there are some encouraging signs that the Obama team is not going to put the massive campaign organization into a deep freeze like they did after 2008. This could make a major difference in 2014 and beyond. (Nov 29)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 29)

Chait: Boehner's Inability to Bargain Helps Dems (Nov 28)

How 'Trojan Horse' Strategy Strengthened Obama's Current Edge (Nov 27)

Lux: Dems Must Press Obama to Leverage His Power for Change (Nov 27)

Creamer: Dems Must Defend 99 Percenters in Lame Duck Budget Battle (Nov 26)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 26)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 23)

Unfinished Business: Documenting Voter Supression in the Election (Nov 21)

Romney Could Help Heal America, But Seems Uninterested (Nov 21)

Lux: Be Thankful for Social Security, Medicare....and its Unconvincing Opponents (Nov 21)

Phony Wars and Rumors of War--And the Battle in the States (Nov 20)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 20)

Lux: Centrist Dems Must Embrace Populist Message of Election (Nov 20)

Creamer: Election has Clear Mandates for Obama...and Republicans (Nov 19)

Can Dems Pick Up 17 House Seats in 2014? (Nov 19)

Watch out Dems: Don't underestimate the conservative "Benghazi scandal" narrative. It isn't irrational, trivial or vacuous. It serves to support four very important attacks on Obama. As a result, conservatives are going to play it for all that its worth. (Nov 18)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 16)

Into the Post-Election "Struggle For the Soul" Period (Nov 15)

It's time to face a harsh reality: the GOP no longer behaves like a traditional American political party. It has become an extremist party. Moderates and sensible conservatives need to firmly reject and condemn this deeply disturbing and dangerous trend. (Nov 15)

Lux: The Power of Progressive Unity (Nov 14)

The Role of the Rising American Electorate in the 2012 Election (Nov 14)

Ads Do Matter....When They are Early or Really Good (Nov 13)

How Much Did GOP Voter Supression Backfire? (Nov 12)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 12)

Needed: Project to Increase Democratic Turnout in 2014 Midterm Election (Nov 10)

Voters Push Back Against Big Money Politics (Nov 10)

I admit it. I'm rootin' 110% for Good ole' "Charlie the K" Krauthhammer in the intra-Republican debate. He's my man. He ain't having none of this silly "reassessment" malarkey. (Nov 9)


Five Takeaways From the 2012 Election (Nov 8)

No "Centrist Reforms" On Tap For Republicans (Nov 8)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 8)

Lux: Populist Message Fuels Democratic Wins (Nov 7)

Brownstein: Credit Obama's Innovative Coalition With Historic Win (Nov 7)

The Ass-Whuppin' Cometh (Nov 6)

Presidential Race Forecaster Round-Up (Nov 6)

Teixeira: Thank Latinos for Obama Win (Nov 6)

Creamer: Consequences of Not Voting (Nov 6)

Lux: Your Part in the American Story (Nov 6)

Election Countdown: Day 1 (Nov 5)

Why Obama is Going to Win (Nov 5)

Obama closing with a 4-point lead (Nov 5)

Political Strategy Notes (Nov 5)

Creamer: Big Progressive Turnout Needed to Stop Romney World (Nov 5)

Westen: Progressive Messaging Will Win Middle-Class Support (Nov 4)

Election Countdown: Day 4 (Nov 2)

Wow. The Washington Post flat-out savages Romney today - says his only consistency is "contempt for the electorate" (Nov 2)

Paul Krugman on the GOP's political strategy: "blackmail" and "protection racket politics (Nov 2)

Lux: Surprises More Likely to Benefit Dems (Nov 2)

Obama Among Best Presidents for the U.S. Economy (Nov 2)

How the Obama Campaign Can Win The Battle for the Undecided (Nov 2)

Election Countdown: Day 5 (Nov 1)

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