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Election Countdown: Day 6 (Oct 31)

Creamer: Romney Embraces Bush Template on FEMA, Economy, War (Oct 31)

Teixeira: Public Wants Tax Hikes for Rich, Opposes Obamacare Repeal (Oct 31)

Ezra Klein: The GOP's extremist strategy worked; Romney benefited, America lost (Oct 31)

Election Countdown: Day 7 (Oct 30)

Team Obama's State-of-the-Art Voter Research Smokes GOP (Oct 30)

Voter Vigilantes Threaten Election Integrity (Oct 30)

Romney's Waffling on FEMA Won't Win Many Votes (Oct 30)

Election Countdown: Day 8 (Oct 29)

DCorps: Cell phones -- why we think Obama will win the popular vote, too (Oct 29)

Edsall: Super-Wealthy King-Makers May Turn Political Parties into Rubber Stamps (Oct 29)

Southern Swing States Still in Play (Oct 29)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 29)

Lux: Obama's Closing Week Should Highlight His Economic Plan, Romney's Elitism and the GOP's Obstructionism (Oct 29)

Election Countdown: Day 11 (Oct 26)

MSM Should End Romney's Free Ride on Refusing to Disclose His Taxes (Oct 26)

Stalking the Elusive White Male Vote (Oct 26)

Election Countdown: Day 12 (Oct 25)

Obama's Lengthening Coattails May Save Senate for Dems (Oct 25)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 25)

Election Countdown: Day 13 (Oct 24)

An Inside Look at Obama's Ground Game (Oct 24)

Latino Undercount Distorts Campaign Coverage (Oct 24)

Granholm Shreds Romney's Flip-Flop on Auto Bailout (Oct 24)

Chait: Romney Trying to Hustle MSM with Bogus Momentum Meme (Oct 24)

Election Countdown: Day 14 (Oct 23)

Hope for Romnesia (Oct 23)

How Obama just won Ohio: moderate isolationism (Oct 23)

Lux: It's All About GOTV Now (Oct 23)

Addressing the Threat of GOP Electronic Voter Fraud (Oct 23)

Political Strategy Notes: 'Horses and Bayonettes" Edition (Oct 23)

DCorps: Obama Regains Lead in New Pre-Debate Poll (Oct 22)

New Poll: Working Families Strongly Favor Obama (Oct 22)

Creamer: Compelling Reasons Why Obama Will Win (Oct 22)

Romney's Arrogant, Unprecedented Evasions of Disclosure (Oct 22)

Obama closing on progress or future: Unique web test says, would you believe, 'both' (Oct 22)

Abramowitz: Gallup Poll Showing Romney Lead a 'Big Outlier' (Oct 22)

GOP Vote Theft Scandal Widens (Oct 22)

A new study of Drone warfare has sparked criticism of Obama as "cynical" and "immoral." But the criticisms lack any context. They don't say a single word about the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, counterinsurgency strategy or the military establishment. (Oct 19)

Greg Sargent Makes a vitally important point today - Democratic unity is the secret weapon that may preserve a Democratic Senate - and the future of America. (Oct 19)

Coalition Mobilizing Against Election Day Voter Suppression (Oct 19)

Big Dog, Boss Rock Ohio Blue Collars for Obama (Oct 18)

Kilgore on Sketchy's 'Tonality' (Oct 18)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 17)

Kilgore: Romney 'Hosed by the Ref' -- Not (Oct 17)

Lux: When Obama and Dems Engage, We Win (Oct 17)

Strong Win Puts Obama Back on Track (Oct 17)

Teixeira and Halpin: Focus on 'Demographic Fundamentals' (Oct 16)

Obama's Challenge Beyond the Debates-- and the Election (Oct 16)

Kilgore: Obama Must Unmask Romney's Radical Vision of Change (Oct 16)

Getting to the bold policy offer winning now requires (Oct 15)

"That's Not a Plan, McClain, How You Do That Is A Plan" (Oct 15)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 15)

Pierce: Biden Shreds Ryan's 'Big Ideas' (Oct 13)

Kilgore: Dems' Debt to Biden (Oct 12)

Maher: 'Hello 911? There's an old man beating a child on my tv' (Oct 12)

Pushing "Moderate Mitt" Back Across That Threshold (Oct 11)

Seifert: To Regain The Lead, Obama Must Listen To These Swing Voters (Oct 11)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 11)

New GQR Study: Winning the 47 percent (Oct 10)

Kilgore: The Two faces of 'Moderate Mitt' and Anti-Choice Romney (Oct 10)

See-Saw Polls No Reason for Dems to to Panic (Oct 10)

Lux: How Dems Get Back on Offense (Oct 10)

Granholm: Obama's Job One is an Appeal to 'The Great National Heart' (Oct 9)

TDS Founding Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Blames Bush, Inequality for Economic Woes, Not Regulation (Oct 9)

Will GOTV Trump Debates, Jobs figures? (Oct 9)

Kilgore: Mitt's Foreign Policy Vision Shallow, Uninspiring (Oct 8)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 8)

TNR Makes Case for Obama Reelection (Oct 8)

BLS Bashers Shredded by Eight Top Economic Reporters (Oct 6)

Kilgore: Romney's 'Move to Center' All Rhetoric, No Policy (Oct 5)

Romney Plans to Gut Charities, as Well as PBS (Oct 5)

Latest Polls: Dems Likely to Hold Senate (Oct 5)

Lux: Romney's Temporary Disguise Won't Sell (Oct 5)

Political Strategy Notes - Post Debate Edition (Oct 4)

Kilgore: Mendacious Mitt's Highwire Act Not Likely to End Well (Oct 4)

DCorps: Romney's Good Night Not Likely a Game-Changer (Oct 4)

Some Tips for the Next Debate (Oct 4)

Wonkblog: Romney's Debate Performance Wins CNN Snap Poll, Spin War (Oct 4)

Race Tightening on Day of Debate? Only in Spinland (Oct 3)

The Latest Wonkage on Influence of Presidential Debates (Oct 3)

Kilgore: Lacking Credible Solutions, Romney Will Evade, Lie (Oct 3)

Reich: Some Good Questions for Tonight's Debate (Oct 3)

Creamer: Romney's Disrespect for People Who Need Help Backfires (Oct 2)

Lakoff: In Political Debates, Frame it Your Way (Oct 2)

Teixeira: Voucherizing Medicare a Non-Starter With Public (Oct 2)

Kilgore: Friday Jobs Report Sure to Amp Up GOP Echo Chamber (Oct 1)

In Congressional Battleground, Voters Intensely Concerned About Money in Politics (Oct 1)

Chait: 'Poetic Justice' for Romney Richly-Deserved (Oct 1)

Political Strategy Notes (Oct 1)