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Get Ready Dems: If Obama wins conservatives will try to de-legitimize his victory with hysterical, phony claims of "massive election fraud." There are four important ways Dems can plan now to fight back (Sep 28)

More Voters Agree: 'GOP = Gridlock, Obstruction and Paralysis' (Sep 28)

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Political Strategy Notes (Sep 27)

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A Letter to a "Middle of the Road Moderate" Non-Latino Friend About the Profound Moral Difference Between Democrats and Republicans (Sep 26)

Kilgore: Fear Not the Late Inning Game-Changers (Sep 26)

The Stench and Gilligan (Sep 26)

An Innovative Approach to Microtargeting Constituencies (Sep 25)

Greenberg: How Romney's 'Private Moment' Defines the Race (Sep 25)

Bernstein: Blame Fox News Instead of Romney (Sep 25)

Kilgore: White Working-Class Voters More Diverse Than Many Assume (Sep 24)

Political Strategy Notes (Sep 24)

Schakowsky: 'Romney's cold, selfish, self-satisfied vision' limns grim future (Sep 24)

Greenberg: GOP Party I.D. Tanking (Sep 21)

Brownstein: Obama on Track to Meet '80-40 Target' (Sep 21)

Lux: The Message We Need to Create a Wave Election (Sep 21)

Kilgore: Working People Bit Players to Romney, Mighty Job-Creators (Sep 20)

Political Strategy Notes (Sep 20)

Kilgore: Romney's Tax Gripes about 47% Sure to Boomerang (Sep 19)

Lux: Latest Gaffe Outs Romney's Core Belief -- Rand is Right (Sep 19)

Jonathan Chait captures the key point about the Romney tape - it reveals Romney's true and appalling character that lurks behind his public mask (Sep 18)

Brooks Blisters Romney (Sep 18)

John Judis: Why Romney's Personality May Sink His Ticket (Sep 18)

TDS Co-Founder Ruy Teixeira: Public Rejects Conservative View of Stimulus (Sep 18)

Political Strategy Notes (Sep 17)

Lux: Wingnut Base Freezes Romney's Traction (Sep 17)

Obama Builds Real Lead in Presidential Contest: Report on post-convention survey (Sep 14)

Kilgore: Romney Campaign A.D.D. Puts Strategy on Hold (Sep 14)

PA Coalition Mobilizing to Resist Voter Suppression by GOP (Sep 14)

Latest News from the Alternative Universe Next Door (Sep 13)

Kilgore: GOP Spills the Whine Re Romney's Gaffes and 'Liberal Media Bias' (Sep 13)

Why Rebuilding Unions Must be a Democratic Priority (Sep 13)

Political Strategy Notes (Sep 13)

Romney's Blundering 'Diplomacy' Amplified -- Again (Sep 12)

Kilgore: Evidence is Thin That GOP Ad Deluge Will be Game-Changer (Sep 12)

Kilgore: Mendacity Is Romney's Pre-Existing Condition (Sep 11)

TDS Co-Founder Ruy Teixeira: Public Wants Tax Hike for Rich to Reduce Deficit, Not Cuts in Social Security or Medicare Benefits (Sep 11)

Fighting the Contemptible 'Bullies at the Ballot Box' (Sep 11)

Is Romney running a "one-size-fits-all" ad campaign? "Nonsense", says Romney's pollster. "You could sure fool me" says Andrew Sullivan (Sep 10)

Political Strategy Notes (Sep 10)

Lux: Dem Messaging Should Now 'Go Big and Aspirational' (Sep 10)

Political Strategy Notes (Sep 7)

Why GOP ads assert the odd notion that rejecting Obama is just like breaking up with your lousy boyfriend. (Sep 7)

Granholm Revs Up Dem Engines (Sep 7)

Lux: Super PACs, Citizens United Damage Even Worse Than Reported (Sep 7)

Inside Romney's Race Card Strategy (Sep 6)

Kilgore: 'Pride' in the ACA a Key Convention Theme (Sep 6)

Chait: Obama's First Term Exceeded Expectations (Sep 6)

Wow. Here's a big story the MSM missed. The London Economist, the most respected business magazine on the planet, body-slams Romney as an "Olympic flip-flopper," "a fawning PR man," and "willing to do or say just about anything to get elected" (Sep 5)

Dem Convention Brings Attention to Political Changes in the South (Sep 5)

Kilgore: Day One's Aggressive Attack Sets Stage for 'Epic GOTV' (Sep 5)


Kilgore: 'Big Dog' Convention Speech May Have Potent Impact (Sep 4)

'Horse Race' Reporting Substandard -- As Well As Overvalued (Sep 4)

Lux: Election Will Turn on Who Wins Four Arguments (Sep 4)

Political Strategy Notes - Labor Day Edition (Sep 3)