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'Low-Information' Undecided May Swing 2012 Outcome (Jul 31)

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Says Tax Hike for Rich Not Unfair (Jul 30)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 30)

Mitt Romney's Incredible Shrinking Biography (Jul 27)

TDS Co-Editor William Galston: Obama's Remaining Challenge (Jul 27)

Abramowitz: 'Enthusiasm Gap' Favoring GOP is Way-Overstated (Jul 27)

The invasion of Iraq overthrew Iran's most lethal enemy and replaced it with a regime that is now Iran's closest and most reliable ally. Depressingly, Mitt Romney has chosen the architects of this massive strategic fiasco as his principal advisors. (Jul 26)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 26)

New Report: Obamacare Has ALREADY Saved Seniors Nearly $4 Billion -- on Drugs Alone (Jul 25)

Idea-Bankrupt GOP Wages War of Attrition Against Facts (Jul 25)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 24)

Kilgore: GOP Voter Suppression Has No Equivalent in Dem Strategy (Jul 23)

Lux: 'Rising American Electorate' Changing Electoral Tide (Jul 23)

Kilgore: 'Magic Word Gaffe' Not Likely to Sell (Jul 21)

New DCorps/Resurgent Republic Poll Gauges Fallout from ACA Decision (Jul 20)

Public's Low Trust of Big Biz Hurts Romney, GOP (Jul 19)

Abramowitz: Don't Bet on 'Independents' Swaying Election (Jul 19)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 19)

Serious Attack on Ryan Budget Takes Toll on Mitt Romney (Jul 18)

Lux: Middle Class Future at Stake (Jul 18)

What Mitt Romney Failed To Learn From John Kerry: You Can't Run On Biography Alone (Jul 17)

The Bain Moment and Its Strategic Significance (Jul 17)

TDS Co-Editor William Galston: 2012 and 2004 (Jul 16)

TDS Strategy Memo: The White Working Class is a Decisive Voting Group in 2012 - and Most of What You Read About Their Political Attitudes Will Be Completely Wrong. (Jul 16)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 16)

Creamer: Romney's Evasive Character Unfit for Presidency (Jul 14)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 13)

The Medicaid Fight As the Starting Gun for 2016 (Jul 12)

Chait: Voter Suppression Driven By GOP Fear of Demographic Change (Jul 12)

Romney's Business Qualifications a Net Liability in Polls (Jul 12)

Cohn: Obama Must Do Better with White Workers in Midwest (Jul 11)

Tomasky: Time for Obama to Fight on Taxes (Jul 11)

GOP's Voter Suppression -- Where's the Outrage? (Jul 11)

Wow - in just 12 easy to understand sentences that crazy radical left-wing magazine Business Week explains why mandates are as American as apple pie and make good solid business sense. (Jul 10)

Abramowitz: Who's telling the truth and who's lying to the American public? (Jul 10)

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Wants to Keep or Expand Obamacare (Jul 10)

Math Proff's Talking Points for Obama (Jul 10)

Starr: The Supreme Court Decision As a Political Opportunity (Jul 9)

Political Strategy Notes (Jul 9)

The Louisiana Voucher Fiasco and the Romney/Jindal Nexus (Jul 6)

Nader's Critique of Dems Could Help Defeat Romney (Jul 6)


Kilgore: Romney's Never-Ending Primary Pandering (Jul 5)

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Lux: Romney's 'Quiet Rooms' Really About His Hidden Offshore Investments (Jul 4)

Time to Protest Against Republican Governors? (Jul 3)

Kilgore: Arise, Ye Citizens of the Tea Party (Jul 3)

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Wants Outsourcing Stopped (Jul 3)

Kilgore: Getting Real About Roberts, High Court's Future (Jul 2)

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