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TDS Co-Editor William Galston: Warning To Democrats: Romney Is a Stronger Candidate Than You Think (Jan 31)

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Is this the most patently false, biased and dishonest headline the Washington Post has ever run? (Jan 30)

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MSM Lightweights Give GOP Field Free Ride on Key FL Issues (Jan 30)

Kos campaign director Chris Bowers and People for the American Way launch petition drive to investigate O'Keefe voting fraud (Jan 29)

John Nichols: Wisconsin Recall More Popular Than Republican Primaries (Jan 29)

Reich: No Newt is Good Newt (Jan 27)

Why Gingrich Supporters Think He's Electable (Jan 27)

There's a big gap between American attitudes toward "income inequality" and "unfairness." Americans don't want the government to "redistribute income," they want it to stop favoring the wealthy and powerful and to make them pay their fair share. (Jan 27)

Note To Readers (Jan 26)

Political Strategy Notes (Jan 26)

Democracy Corps Dial Testing: President Obama Scores With Middle Class Message -- But Voters Skeptical That Washington, Including President, Can Actually Get Things Done (Jan 25)

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When GOP Memes Seep into MSM Political Reporting (Jan 18)

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MLK and the Republicans (Jan 16)

Sorting Out Cause and Effect in South Carolina (Jan 16)

Conservative claims of vote fraud have just become vastly more sinister. Activists have committed criminal vote fraud to "prove it's possible." The next logical step will be to commit fraud, blame Dems and use the fraud to try and overturn elections. (Jan 14)

Safety Net, America's Soul Endangered by Romney's Pandering (Jan 13)

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