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Buyers' Remorse Summary

You may be aware that Public Policy Polling has been occasionally conducting "do-over" polls--surveys to see if voters would confirm or reverse the results of recent elections--of key states this year. At HuffPost Pollster, Margie Omero has a useful summary of PPP's findings in eight states, at least seven of them considered "battleground" states--where Republicans won governorships in 2010.

Nevada's Brian Sandoval would do about the same in a "do-over" contest with Rory Reid. But that's the exception to the rule: in the other seven states (FL, GA, IA, MI, OH, PA, WI), 2010 Republican wins would turn into losses today.

The most dramatic swings have been in Ohio, where John Kasich's 2-point win over Ted Strickland would be a 25-point deficit today; and in Florida, where Rick Scott's very narrow victory over Alex Sink would be a gully-washer of a landslide loss today, by nineteen points.

As Romero notes:

Beneath the surface, these Republicans are losing ground with independents. Nationally in 2010, independents gave Republicans a +19 advantage. In the five states above for which we have exit poll data (FL, IA, OH, PA, WI), the Republican won among independents. Yet in six of these eight re-do polls, independents now say they would vote for the Democrat.

In separate news from PPP, Barack Obama leads virtually all comers in polling from 6 of the 9 "swing states" that went for Bush in 2004 and Obama in 2008.