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The Latest White Knight On a Dark Horse (Jan 31)

After Egypt: Dems Should Review Human Rights Policy (Jan 31)

Progressive Anxiety On Egypt (Jan 31)

Central eyewitness testimony in last years' New Black Panthers voter intimidation case is literally terrifying and appalling - but not for the reasons you might think. (Jan 28)

Turning the Clock Way Back (Jan 28)

Progressives Voice Concerns About SOTU (Jan 27)

Pence Takes a Powder (Jan 27)

Republicans Bob and Weave on Defense Spending (Jan 27)

Snore or Snare? (Jan 26)

Democracy Corps: Swing voters reaction to Obama's SOTU speech (Jan 26)

"Pro-Business," Anti-GOP (Jan 25)

The Quiet Death of Filibuster Reform (Jan 25)

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Support for ACA Repeal Soft (Jan 25)

Rahm and Residency (Jan 24)

Hiding in Plain Sight (Jan 24)

Obama and the CEO Vote (Jan 24)

DCorps/CAF Poll: Jobs Trump Deficit, Spending Concerns (Jan 23)

A Budgetary-Bait-and-Switch: But Which? (Jan 21)

TDS Co-Editor William Galston: Why I Miss President Eisenhower (Jan 21)

Decision Time (Jan 20)

Lieberman's Retirement (Jan 19)

Judis on the Origins of Today's GOP (Jan 19)

Enhancing "civility" in politics is too broad a goal to be enforceable by public pressure and "eliminating threats of violence" is too narrow to stop extremist rhetoric. Here's a proposal for what opponents of extremist political oratory should demand. (Jan 18)

Here We Go Again With the Fairness Doctrine "Threat" (Jan 17)

Why the Right Should Be Reading MLK (Jan 17)

Newt's Big Strategy For Minority Outreach (Jan 14)

Steele's Last Day at RNC? (Jan 14)

About That Drop in Liberal Support for Obama (Jan 13)

Slow Cycle (Jan 13)

Gun Control a Daunting, Not Hopeless Prospect (Jan 13)

President Palin Addresses Her Nation (Jan 12)

TDS Co-Editor William Galston: The Tucscon Shooter and the Case for Involuntary Commitment (Jan 12)

Will Bachmann Replace Palin in the 2012 Presidential Field? (Jan 11)

The Dog That Isn't Barking (Jan 11)

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Some Tax Deal Provisions More Popular Than Others (Jan 11)

Jared Loughner appears to be psychotic and delusional, not a right-wing extremist. Leading conservatives argue this means that violent right-wing rhetoric did not provoke his lethal attack. But how about these 21 attacks that killed 8 innocent people. (Jan 10)

Bipartisan Agreement Needed on Violent Speech, Ammo Control (Jan 10)

After Tucson (Jan 10)

The slippery slope of violent rhetoric (Jan 9)

"Damage Control" Can Involve a Real Fight (Jan 7)

TDS Co-Editor William Galston: Are Republicans Serious About Fixing the Economy? (Jan 7)

Republicans Boost the Deficit: A Farce in Four Acts (Jan 6)

In Praise of Damage Control (Jan 6)

Make GOP Sens, Reps Explain Their Hypocrisy on HCR (Jan 6)

Lessons Learned in 2010, Part 2: Managing a Big Tent Party Against a Small Tent Opponent (Jan 5)

Pelosi and "Grassroots Bipartisanship" (Jan 5)

Lessons Learned in 2010, Part 1: Fundamentals Matter (Jan 4)

Issa's B.S. Showcased in Walkback (Jan 4)

Ten Memos to the President Counsel 'Fresh Thinking' (Jan 3)

Health Reform Repeal Not Just "Waste of Time" (Jan 3)