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St. Joan of the Tundra: The Official Hagiography

Every martyr needs her hagiography, and according to David Weigel at the Washington Independent, the Governor of Alaska is getting her own, tentatively entitled The Persecution of Sarah Palin. Penned by The Weekly Standard's Matthew Continetti, it's due out in 2010, just in time for the launch of a Palin presidential run.

I don't know how smart it is to make your first big political biography an extended whine, but then again, there is definitely a persecution-complex faction in the GOP that loves St. Joan of the Tundra not so much for the enemies she has made, but for the mockery she has inspired. The Torquemada of the Palin Passion, Tina Fey, ought to demand a cut of the book's proceeds. Or if Continetti has a taste for historical puns, he could entitle the chapter on Palin's Saturday Night Live ordeal: "Auto da Fey."

UPDATE: Sarah Palin's ordeals can no longer be laid at the door of mocking elitists or Hollywood comics or even the leaky valves of the McCain campaign. As Christopher Orr explains at TNR today, she's been doing a bang-up job of tying herself in knots lately.