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Another Setback for St. Joan of the Tundra

The fun just never ends when it comes to following the career of the front-runner for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. As you may have heard by now, her nominee to become Alaska's Attorney General, a very sketchy right-wing dude named Wayne Ross, was rejected by the Republican-controlled state legislature while Palin was off in Indiana at an anti-abortion fundraiser.

The backstory is one of many chickens coming home to roost. The AG opening was created when Palin ally Talis Colberg resigned in the wake of fallout over the Troopergate saga. Appointing Ross, a notorious caricature of wingnuttery in a state where everybody knows everybody, was a grossly provocative act by Palin. Then the governor went out of her way to offend legislators by refusing to appoint an acceptable Democrat to an open Democratic-controlled state senate seat (defying bipartisan Alaska custom), and Ross went out of his way to defend her action. Then Palin decided to go to Indiana in the decisive, final week of the legislative session, in what was obviously a special-interest-group command performance associated with her presidential aspirations.

There once was a time not long ago when Palin would retreat back to the warm embrace of Alaskans after being mocked and rebuffed in the national political arena. Not so much any more. I wonder if she's rethinking her decision against challenging Sen. Lisa Murkowski next year. It's a lot easier to get to all those right-to-life events from Washington rather than Juneau, and senators don't have all those messy executive decisions to make.


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She isn't a person who wears well. Too much unvarnished self-interest.

She isn't a person who wears well. Too much unvarnished self-interest.

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