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Ed Kilgore
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Online Forums

Soon after regular publication begins, The Democratic Strategist will begin hosting online forums organized around a variety of specific issues and demographic groups. An important weakness in Democratic collaboration and idea-sharing in recent years has been the lack of a venue where academics, public opinion pollsters, campaign managers, media specialists, issue advocates and Democrats from various other sectors of the party with an interest in a specific issue or demographic group could gather to exchange ideas and pool their knowledge and insights.

The Democratic Strategist's initial Online Forums will be organized into the following areas:

  1. Fixing the Democratic Message
    • Understanding Republican communications strategies and appeal
    • Defining the Democrats' message, basic values and governing philosophy

  2. Winning on the Issues
    • Domestic
    • Foreign Affairs
    • Moral issues/Values/Principles
  3. Building a Majority Coalition
    • Seniors
    • Youth
    • Hispanics
    • African Americans
    • Asians
    • Women
    • White Men
    • Married Voters
    • Single Voters
    • Suburban Voters
    • Red-State Voters
    • Professionals
    • Blue-Collar Voters
    • Religious Voters
    • Small Business Owners
  4. Conducing Successful Campaigns
    • Turnout/GOTV/Door to Door
    • Media/Mass Communications Strategy - Advertising
    • Campaign Finance and Fundraising