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Res Ipsa Loquitur

Since I just made a point of bragging about my good-ol'-boy populist credentials, I should hasten to explain this title, which alludes to one of the few concepts I remember from law school, means "The damn thing speaks for itself like a deacon caught in a ginmill."And here's the hook: according to the subscription-only Congress Daily, during a congressional hearing on child care funding in connection with the endless effort to reauthorize the 1996 welfare reform law, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) said this: "The issue of child care is a Washington-based issue. It is not an issue out in the states." Methinks ol' Rick will be explaining that one to the working parents of Pennsylvania for a good while as he barnstorms the state posing as the avatar of "compassionate conservatism" during his re-election effort next year. Kinda reminds me of the moment during the 2000 presidential debates when George W. Bush said: "Insurance...that's a word they use in Washington, DC!" Sometimes the truth peeks through the demagoguery. And it speaks loudly.