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DeLay's Counter-Offensive

In case you've missed it, Tom DeLay has begun a counter-offensive against those critics who are kinda wondering at what stage his egregious pattern of conduct--unethical, illegal, or just plain crass--will get either his party or his constituents to send him back to the exterminating business. DeLay's argument, of course, is that it's all just a lefty conspiracy, probably financed by George Soros, to "destroy the conservative movement." Now put aside for a moment the rather self-aggrandizing idea that the conservative movement would instantly fall to pieces without the Hammer's leadership. The more interesting assertion is that his growing cast of detractors--including the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal--is being orchestrated by the godless hordes of the Organized Left.You might want to take a look at the official take of that well-known leftist group, the Soros-controlled, Michael-Moore-loving Democratic Leadership Council, on DeLay's latest line of defense.