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The Moose Tacks Hard Left

Despite my deep respect for my colleague The Moose, I've got to call him on something. He ended a recent post by urging Democrats to "Dare to struggle, dare to win," a well-known dictum of Chairman Mao. Having unsuccessfully used the same motto in a high school student body presidency campaign eons ago, I have to caution the Moose that Maoist rhetoric is not what is meant by "reaching out to Red Voters" these days. And if this choice of words was a blatant ploy for Hard Left support in The Moose's virtual campaign for the DNC chairmanship, then he should understand that nobody will be fooled, so long as he works at the Revisionist-Hegemonist DLC, and thus is objectively a Liveried Lackey of the Wall Street Profiteers and a Paper-Tiger Imperialist. Workers, peasants and progressive intelligentsia will unite to smash the capitalist-roader Moose and his discredited social-fascist "populism," exposing the petty-bourgeois class origins of his call for "reform" rather than revolution. Marching together behind the vanguard of the proletariat, the toilers of America will consign the Right-Deviationist DLC to the dustbin of history. So the Moose should hunt in a different part of the woods. (NOTE TO THE CREDULOUS AND THE HUMORLESS: THIS WAS ANOTHER JOKE! HAD TO FIND SOME USE FOR ALL THAT MARXIST RHETORIC I LEARNED IN MY YOUTH!)