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Don't Let Them Fricassee Misty & Eeyore

Boy, the stuff that keeps trickling out about the Big Fat Omnibus Appropriations Bill that the GOP Masters of Washington put together is just amazing. You've got the language that allowed congressional appropriations staffers to peer into every federal tax return in America. You've got the grimy little gotcha that transportation cardinal Ernest Istook pulled on northeastern and midwestern Republicans who had the temerity to call for more AMTRAK money. And now, you've got the rider nestled into the bill by Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) that would overturn three decades of federal law and policy to authorize the sale of wild horses and burros on federal lands to foreign-run slaughterhouses for consumption at upscale eateries in France, Belgium and Japan. For a calm, reasoned analysis of the Burns howler, check out today's New Dem Daily. But I can't help but wonder what Democrats could do with this development if we were as nasty and dishonest as Republicans. You know what we'd do? We'd print up millions of flyers with four images: one of Burns, one of Misty of Chincoteague, one of Eeyore, and one of an obese Frenchman with a huge napkin tucked into his shirt, eying a big platter of mystery meat. "SAVE OUR FRIENDS!" the text would scream. "CALL MR. BURNS IN WASHINGTON AND TELL HIM TO STOP THE KILLING NOW!" And we'd distribute the flyers outside every elementary school in America.