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So Who Won the Debate?

Edwards is well ahead in both the Daily Kos and MyDD quickie polls as of midnight, which means at most that liberal blog-readers liked his answers and style. But there won't be any 'scientific' polls asking a representative sample who won, and good debate performance is only one part of a successful campaign anyway. It's pretty clear, however, that fairness did not win, according to a statistical analysis conducted by the Dodd campaign. Here's the time and question tally for the first half of the debate, as reported by Salon: CLINTON 9:25, 9 questions OBAMA 8:19, 9 questions RICHARDSON 7:23, 6 questions EDWARDS 7:06, 8 questions BIDEN 4:45, 5 questions DODD 4:00, 4 questions GRAVEL 2:59, 5 questions KUCINICH 2:28, 3 questions Somehow, the remaining debates have to do a better job of letting all candidates get fair coverage. UPDATE: The Dodd campaign's tally, presumably for the entire debate is now up. The tally provided for time only: Obama 16:00; Clinton 14:26; Edwards 11:42; Richardson 10:48; Kucinich 9:02; Dodd 8:28; Biden 7:48; Gravel 5:37. Perfect equality of "face time" is impossible to achieve in any debate format. But a ten plus minute gap between the top time-user and the last-ranking participant is too much.