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Dem Leaders Push to Make '06 Year of the Donkey

If Adam Nagourney's Sunday NYT profile of Dem campaign bulldogs Sen Chuck Schumer and Rep. Rahm Emanuel ("Democratic Hard Chargers Try to Return Party to Power") is on target, Dems are in excellent shape for the November elections.

Nagourney's vivid portrait depicts Schumer, who heads up the Dems' effort to win back the Senate, and DCCC Chairman Emanuel as highly energetic, aggressive and determined to win. He calls them "fast-talking, hard-charging, wisecracking" and "loud, garrulous urban brawlers" offering a "blur of endlessly quotable attack lines, opportunistic legislative proposals, relentless fund-raising and big-shoulder tactics."

But how effective are Schumer and Emanuel, compared to their GOP counterparts? As Nagourney notes:

Mr. Schumer and Mr. Emanuel are models of calculated excess, offering an often startling contrast with their Republican counterparts. Those would be Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, whose tepid fund-raising and low profile have stirred discontent in her party, and Representative Thomas M. Reynolds of New York, who is facing a tough challenge to his own seat orchestrated, of course, by the no-holds-barred gentleman from Chicago.

and further:

In one sign of how these men have sent waves of worry through Republican circles, Mr. Schumer's committee reported in March that it had $32.1 million in the bank, compared with just $16.5 million in the Republican Senate account. Mr. Emanuel's committee had $23 million, almost the same as the $24.4 million by the Republican Congressional committee.

There's more in Nagourney's article to be encouraged about, including the assessment that with 6 months to go, the Democratic congressional campaign is in the best shape in 12 years. Democrats are in even stronger position to win a majority of the governorships in November. With any luck, '06 may well be the year of the Donkey.