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The Bush Administration: Liars Who Can’t Run the Economy

by Ruy Teixeira

The public has clearly concluded that something is very, very wrong with the way the Bush administration approaches the truth. In a recent Harris poll, by exactly 2:1 (64 to 32 percent), the public says the Bush administration “generally mislead[s] the public on current issues to achieve its own end”, rather than “provides accurate information regarding current issues”. And that’s 73-25–almost 3:1!--among political independents.

And the public’s really losing patience with how the economy is going nowhere fast. In the latest ARG poll, Bush gets a stunningly low 31 percent approval rating on handling the economy, with 62 percent disapproval. (Can Bush’s first sub-30 approval rating on the economy be far away?) And an amazing 61 percent believe the economy will be worse a year from now than it is today, compared to just 17 percent who think it will be better.

Liars who can’t run the economy. And Republicans wonder why they’re in such political trouble these days! Based on data like this, the only real wonder is why their trouble isn’t even worse