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SurveyUSA Polls: Bush Approval Below 50% in 41 States

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire has a mini-wrap-up of SurveyUSA's Bush approval ratings in the 50 states, and the results offer scant comfort to an embattled white house. As Goddard notes:

President Bush’s job approval has dropped to 41% nationwide, according to the results of 50 separate but concurrent, statewide public opinion polls conducted by SurveyUSA...Bush is above 50% in 7 states...at 50% in 2 states...Bush is below 50% in 41 states. Compared to last month's poll, Bush's approval numbers dropped 5 or more points in 10 states. The single largest drop was in Minnesota, where it fell 10 points. Bush also fell 9 points in New Mexico.

The SurveyUSA Poll, conducted 8/05, also indicated serious trouble for the GOP in 2004 "red" states Ohio and Missouri, which registered 37 and 38 percent Bush approval respectively.