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Mr. Popularity

Just how popular is Bush these days? Check out this excerpt from a recent AP story, discussing the most recent Ipsos-AP poll:

Bush’s approval rating is at 49 percent in the AP poll, with 49 percent disapproving. His job approval is in the high 40s in several other recent polls — as low as any job approval rating for a re-elected president at the start of the second term in more than 50 years.

Presidents Reagan and Clinton had job approval ratings of around 60 percent just before their inauguration for a second term, according to Gallup polls.

President Nixon’s approval was in the 60s right after his 1972 re-election, slid to about 50 percent right before his inauguration and then moved back over 60 percent. President Eisenhower’s job approval was in the low 70s just before his second inauguration in 1957.

That 49 percent approval rating in the AP poll is no fluke; it is exactly Bush's average approval rating in the last month across 9 polls, as shown by Chris Bowers over at MyDD.

It's worth highlighting the rest of Bush's underwhelming approval ratings as well. Even his rating in his best area, "foreign policy issues and the war on terrorism" is a mere 50 percent approval/48 percent disapproval. His rating on the economy is 47/51; his rating on Iraq is 44/54; and his rating on "domestic issues like health care, education, the environment and energy" is 43/56.

Rather than celebrating his impending inauguration, many Americans seem to be developing a case of buyer's remorse.