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One of Your Better Postmortems

I particularly liked this exchange, "What Now?: A discussion on the way forward for the Democrats" among a very good panel of political observers (E.J. Dionne, Ed Kilgore, James Pinkerton, Walter Shapiro, Michael Tomasky, Paul Glastris and Amy Sullivan) in the new Washington Monthly. Almost everything said is intelligent and perceptive--not always the case with these postmortems--and I found the comments on the national security issue and on the use of narrative in campaigns especially worthwhile. Highly recommended.


While an interesting analysis, has anyone else read the comments by Brad Carson in the recent issue of The Hill? I'm really concerned that Carson is the near future of the party. He compares the party to the Labor party of the Thatcher days in England. Regardless of whether you agree, if more potential candidates for office begin to share this sentiment, the party may indeed be what Zell Miller claims it is.