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Quinnipiac University Poll: Kerry Down by 1 in Florida

Bush leads Kerry 48-47 percent of Florida LV's, with 1 percent for Nader, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll conducted 10/15-19.


Quinnipiac University (which I nothing about) had Bush up by 7 points about 2 weeks ago. That's quite a trend.

I don't know the demographics of Florida, but I have to believe that the youth and seniors should be out voting in full force.

The early vote in Florida from what I have heard has been split somewhere around 50/50 between KE and BC. I am not concerned by this because I believe the BC base is out voting early and responsible for this. Once the Seniors and youth start getting around to vote, the tide will turn.

Interesting that Kerry is headed to Nevada today. If he wins Florida, Ohio, and Nevada, nobody cares how Iowa and Wisconsin end up. I believe PA and MI are in the bag for Kerry.