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Midwest Battleground State Polls from Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune today released four midwest battleground state polls and they provide additional evidence of Kerry’s strength, and Bush’s weakness, in these states.

Kerry leads in three of these states (OH, 49-45; WI, 47-43 and MN, 45-43). and only trails in IA (45-47).

But that’s not the worst part for Bush. Even in the state where he has a slight lead–IA–his 47 percent support level is dangerously low for an incumbent. Moreover, his overall approval rating in the state is just 46 percent, while his ratings on the economy (41 percent) and Iraq (43 percent) are even lower, suggesting a hostile environment for reaching undecided voters.

And his support level and ratings in the other states are even worse. In those three states, he averages only 44 percent support in trial heats, 45 percent in his overall approval rating, 41 percent on his Iraq approval rating and 40 percent on his economic approval rating. Ouch.

The most important issues in these four states? Health care in IA, MN and WI and job loss in OH. Double ouch. On to the domestic issues debate.


If Kerry has a decent performance in the debate tonight, I think he will add to his current momentum. I heard Mark Shields tonight say that the Republicans have decided that the only way they can win the election is by driving down turnout, therefore the tired old namecalling of "liberal,liberal,liberal" That's all they know how to do, engage in namecalling and question somebody's patriotism. Hopefully there are enough intelligent Americans to see through this.

Really what is up with IA...makes no sense to me?

Kerry now LEADS the WaPost poll and is EVEN in the CBS poll! He's ahead or even in almost every major poll, both LV and RV.

Come on JK, put it away tonight!

NY Times reports tonight that a PA judge has thrown Ralph Nader off the ballot in that state saying it was the worst examole of voter fraud he has ever seen. Nader's people will appeal.

Ballots have to be reprinted and the Justice Dept. is all over that state because overseas voters will not be able to get their ballots back before Nov. 2. What a mess.

RNC supported Nader here too it seems. Question is, if the decision stands, will it measureably benefit Kerry? One can hope.

It was very clear tonight that Kerry had intellectual command of the issues. I think that as undecideds examine the issues that his very mainstream values will solidify his support in the battlegrounds.