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Kerry Surges to Dead Heat in Arkansas

John Kerry and George Bush are tied at 48 percent of Arkansas LV's, according to a new Arkansas News Bureau/Stephens Media Group Poll conducted 10/18-20. Kerry was down by 9 percent in the ANB poll taken two weeks ago.


For those who are worrying about Zogby -- ironically it seems to be an outlier this weekend. ABC went to just 1 point and, in terms starkly opposite to those of Zogby, found that "Saturday was Kerry's best single day since this tracking poll began Oct.1." Rasmussen also tightened up, less than 0.5 now between them, so no time to panic. Zogby himself suggested that most of the undecideds coming home in his poll are probably from the South. We never had them to begin with... Tomorrow's Zogby's numbers will be not pretty, perhaps, but in 2000 around this time Bush was also +5 or so in Zogby's poll.

Bill Clinton needs to campaign this week in Arkansas. He could really make the difference.

I would expect that President Clinton, who plans to be in Fla late tomorrow after a rally with Senator Kerry in Philadelphia, will, as rumored, spend some quality time in Arkansas now that those important handfull of electoral votes are clearly up for grabs.

If we can pick off Ark, then losing NV (which never looked particularly promising for Kerry) surely will be less important.

Thanks Ruy for absolutely the best, most informative and analytical political writing on the web. You are a refuge for many looking for a clear minded look at what really is going on beneath the surface.


I don't understand what "link" stands for on your site. It looks to be a way to connect with the original report of a poll, so that more details can be learned. However, clicking on "link" simply provides a repeat of the original paragraph.

Perhaps the best number for Kerry in the Arkansas poll is his strength in the Third Congressional District. The 3rd, which covers Northwest Arkansas, is the most heavily Republican area in the state. It was heavily Republican long before Republicans had any standing in Arkansas, and the district has had a Republican in Congress since at least the 1960s. The district is now home to big companies like Tyson Chicken and Wal-Mart, and still tends to be very conservative.

Kerry's showing of 45% in the 3rd district, then, is very, very good. If Bush does not beat Kerry by more than eight percent in the 3rd in Arkansas, Bush will have a very hard time winning the state because the other three Congressional districts are usually fairly Democratic.

Kerry can win this state. Clinton's doing a few events here would sew it up.