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Kerry Holds Lead in Two Oregon Polls

John Kerry Leads George Bush 52-45 percent of Oregon RV's in a CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll conducted 10/15-18.

Kerry leads Bush 50-44 percent of of Oregon LV's in a Tribune/KOIN Poll conducted by Research 2000 10/11-14.



Harris is now using a double set of likely voter standards to try to get it right. Look at the figures for the battlegrounds.


New Pew poll shows a 47-47 race, and like the NYT/CBS poll it shows Bush losing major ground on every issue and dynamic. I heard Kohut on the radio describing the poll's internals and it sounds dismal for Bush.


And there is a THIRD national poll out today -- The Economist -- showing Bush with a 44% approval rating. http://www.economist.com/media/pdf/yougovR.pdf

That's 3 polls in 2 days (NYT, Pew and Economist) showing a 44% approval. DISMAL for an incumbent 13 days before an election. Ruy, you wanna discuss the implications of this?

And ARG has Kerry up 49-44 in Oregon MoE 4% 600 LV Nader at 2%