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ICR poll has Kerry up by 7 points

An August 25-29 poll by ICR/EXCEL shows John Kerry with a substantial 51-44 lead over George W. Bush among registered voters and a lead roughly double that among independents.

Note: ICR is International Communications Research. The poll was conducted over the telephone as part of ICR’s twice weekly consumer omnibus study, EXCEL. ICR also polled the presidential race in 2000 and did about as well as Gallup in predicting the final margin (both organizations were off by 2 points).


That's interesting, based on the cable TV spin I'm expecting Kerry to give a concession speach before the week is over.

A bombshell from Salon...MUST READ

George W. Bush's missing year

The widow of a Bush family confidant says her husband gave the future president an Alabama Senate campaign job as a favor to his worried father. Did they see him do any National Guard service? "Good lord, no."


The Swift Boat backlash has begun.

After talking with people here in Ohio about the GOP convention, I'm beginning to wonder if the GOP will get a negative bounce out of this convention.

Everyone mentions how negative it is.

That is how we should spin it: The RNC demonstrated the complete takeover of the once great party of Lincoln and TR by the hate and fear mongers.

Did you guys see Guilliani get booed on the "View?"

In the new poll, what does ICR stand for?

Clarification :

The 51 -44 kerry lead is among those who first answered Nader/Camejo, none, other, or unsure to the original question, i.e who they would vote for were the election to be held today.

Kerry's lead over Bush among RV for the original question was 49-42.

Umm ... ICR? Who the heck are they? Are they partisan? What's the partisan breakdown of the respondents? This doesn't help if it's a crap poll (not saying it is, just don't know).

I'll never understand how anyone could possibly support a Kerry/Fonda... Oops, I mean Kerry Edwards campaign. Read the transcript of his own testimony before Congress. He's either a war criminal or a liar. Either wat he is indeed "Unfit for Command".