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Bush, Kerry Running Close In New Mexico

An Albuquerque Journal poll conducted by Research & Polling Aug. 27-Sept. 1, 2004 had Bush at 45 percent, Kerry at 42 percent, 10 percent undecided/wouldn't say, Nader 1 percent, Badnarik 1 percent, Cobb 1 percent.


Anyone know who owns the paper, or who owns the polling company, or what connections either have to either party or candidate?

I believe it's the paper of record for New Mexico. I don't know what editorial positions it normally takes. I noticed that Bush has hit 32% among Latinos, if only 24% among Dems, and that Repubs in NM normally need over 25% Dems and over 25% Latinos to win. Are Simon Rosenberg, NDN, and the Unidos por Kerry/Edwards team on it? Should we expect to retake the lead any day here?

Given the reach of Richard Scaife, Rupert Murdoch, and Rev. Moon in American media, particularly second and third string newspapers, I never trust a newspaper until I know who owns it.

The Albuquerque Journal is part of a
joint operating agreement with the
Scripps-Howard paper, the Tribune.
It was locally owned, but after a quick
tour via Yahoo I couldn't determine
the present status.


I only rely on the best pollsters, like Rasmussen and Zogby. Z is straight up, and Ras leans right, but he leans, and he's not unreasonable or excessive in his lean. I judge a pollster by how reliable they are once you calibrate for their bias.

If they are all over the place, they are not good for anything. As Z said yesterday "any time a poll changes 10 points in a week, you should check your data."

Some out there now are street whores at escort prices, and like their analogous pimps, they gots to get paid, yo.

I live in ABQ. The Journal is a Republican rag. Has been for years. Progressives in this state take anything the Journal says with a grain of salt. The editor of the Journal is a very conservative Southern Baptist.