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See You at the End of August

Well, it's come time for the annual Teixeira family vacation so I'm going to give blogging a rest for a bit. I will return with my usual data-obsessed ranting and raving on or about August 30 (just in time to catch the fun at the GOP convo!)

In the meantime, to hold the fort, as it were, the EDM team will be providing links to, and brief excerpts from, new polling data and reports as they become available. Hopefully, you'll find this feature of use, but let us know either way.

See you soon, with my batteries recharged and ready for what promises to be an intense fall campaign!


Who the hell can afford to go on vacation for a MONTH?

*rimshot opportunity*

I will miss your posts but have a nice vacation. Rest up and be ready when you come back to make the prophecies in "The Emerging Democratic Majority" come true.

You are a worthy adversary Ruy. Have a great vacation. See you when you get back.