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Prescription Drug Issue

A new poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health found substantial dissatisfaction among seniors with last years Medicare prescription drug law. The press release issued by the foundation pointed out the political ramifications.

"The Democrats in Congress hold an edge over both President Bush and the Republicans in Congress on handling the prescription drug issue today. When asked generally who is doing a better job handling the issue, 43% of seniors (40% of the public) say the Democrats in Congress and 24% of seniors (32% of the public) say the President. "


Kerry spoke to this issue today but he needs to keep repeating on it. It is potent with seniors and you didn't really need to poll on that to know it; just talk to a few. Issues like this and stem cell research and the growth of government debt are biggies with those of us on the shady side of 60. Repetition is important in hammering away at these because of all the other non-campaign noise that muffles the messages.