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New Annenberg Center Study Shows 46% Believe Bush Behind Attack Ads, 37% Do Not

A Aug 23-26th Poll by the Annenberg Center for Public Policy shows a plurality of Americans - 46% - believe President Bush was behind the ads attacking John Kerry's military record while only 37% believe the Bush campaign's denials.

Day by day tracking of the percentage of voters who were influenced by the accusations and came to doubt that Kerry deserved his medals showed that from August 10-15 the percentage of doubters hovered in the low 20's, then rose between August 16-22 (reaching almost 30% on August 18th) and then returned back down to the low 20's between August 20-25.


What would be the best poll to look at regarding the blow-back that must happen from this little Republican adventure?

Coming out of the convention, what polling situation should make the Republicans very nervous? What results would make the Democrats very nervous?
Does it really matter much, because the debates are really all that matter at this point?

Ruy, nice to have you back!

Ah, selection bias. Amazing how often it creeps in.

New poll information looks encouraging!

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