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All Hail Steve Rosenthal!

The Washington Post on Tuesday had a long profile of Steve Rosenthal, the head of America Coming Together and former political director of the AFL-CIO. I have some acquaintance with Rosenthal and I think the article fairly captures both his personality and his devastating effectiveness as an organizer.

So, if you're wonder where else to send your money besides the Kerry-Edwards campaign, send off a check to Rosenthal's organization. Believe me, they will use your money well.


I attended the Wellstone Action camp in Orlando, Florida last year. Steve Rosenthal's presentation earned sustained applause. No pie in the sky wishful thinking, just hard numbers, precinct by precinct....party affiliation, voting records, and a plan to increase their numbers. If John Kerry wins Ohio, it just could be due to Rosenthal and ACT's work.

About ten day ago, I contributed $25 to Kerry online and $25 to ACT online. I'm now tapped-out; I need a job--really.

ACT is very good organization that will be important in this election.