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Seniors 2:1 Unfavorable on Medicare Prescription Drugs Bill

Kaiser Family Foundation's latest Health Poll Report Survey shows seniors 2:1 (47-24) unfavorable on the Medicare prescription drugs bill. The public as a whole is also unfavorable, by 39-28.

In addition, the poll shows that seniors overwhelmingly want two important changes to the Medicare bill: (1) change the law to allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from Canada (65-24); and (2) change the law to allow the federal government to use its buying power to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices (62-19).

These are some strong numbers. And they back up the thrust of a Sunday story in The New York Times on how the reaction to the new law seems more likely to hurt than help Republicans and Bush in two key states: Arizona and New Mexico. It would be a delicious irony if the GOP's seemingly savvy strategy of passing an expensive new entitlement for seniors wound up costing them New Mexico and Arizona because of negative reaction from these very same voters.

The best-laid plans......


I imagine it would also hurt Bush in Florida. Wouldn't it be delicious irony if the Medicare ads that we taxpayers have had to pay for in order to help Bush ended up hurting him.

In terms of percentage of population over 65, Pennsylvania is right up there, too. Bush has made dozens of trips there in an attempt to reverse Gore's 5-point margin.

Don't forget Iowa. 4,000 vote difference last time and a large population over 65.