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Will the Young Save Us?

Maybe so. Check out this interesting article by Brian Faler in the December 4 Washington Post, on plans by a well-funded consortium of public interest organizations to mobilize young voters in six states in 2004: Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin.

Why should this matter? Because these are all swing states and because, contrary to GOP hype and clueless analysts, young voters have been leaning Democratic for quite a while. In fact, they’ve been more Democratic than voters as a whole in every election since 1992. The latest evidence for this comes from 2002 where, according to the finally-released VNS exit poll data, they supported Democrats by 51 percent to 49 percent, while the country as a whole supported Republicans 53 percent to 47 percent. Most polls taken since then confirm that youth are significantly less supportive of Bush and his re-election than the overall population.

So DR wishes the New Voters Project the very best of luck. And he urges them to pull out all the stops in Nevada and Colorado.


The problem with the young is that they get older. Any evidence you can think of that they will not in time turn into their parents?

my parents are liberal as all hell. aside from balding and fatness, i wouldn't mind being them.

young people who don't vote may mean the difference in nevada, colorado, utah, new mexico, missouri, iowa, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania...